Saturday, August 30, 2014

WELCOME to North Idaho STEM Charter Academy's third year!

You are about to join in an adventure - an adventure that spans over 10,000 years of human migration to our continent, exploring and colonizing, and eventually, setting up the greatest country this world has ever seen - the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

This blogspot is dedicated to Mr. Johnson's Social Studies 5th grade class - it is "secret base" where you will learn what we are discussing, learning and studying, as well as gain access to your assignments and reading. It will be updated weekly by each Monday.

We will be participating in the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY BEE with the 6th graders, learning all 44 Presidents, meeting great leaders who started our nation and....and....and learning just alot of great things!

Hang on for a TREMENDOUS YEAR! Let's learn together...

(By the way, this is the letter sent home to your parents).

If you don't already have a copy of the
your first assignment is to get one. You will be asked to bring one by this Thursday. In our class you MUST have your Constitution handy at all times...

If you are a new student and do not have a copy, you may order one for free. Order at least one by Thursday. I recommend you order two (a printed copy and a digital copy).

[1] ORDER a FREE PRINTED COPY. It will only cost you $0.65 postage
[and please let me know if you do not have $0.65 - do not let that stop you from ordering your own copy]

Go to

Locate on the page where it says "Get your FREE Pocket Constitution". Follow the instructions and order your own copy.

[2] ORDER a FREE DIGITAL COPY. You will need to determine what technology you are using then download what works best on your machine. You may not be able to use your digital device in class, but you should at least still have a digital copy handy - for your own good!
Here are a few options:

This semester, you will be reading from Joy Hakim's excellent history set on U.S. History [permission from the author and publisher to reproduce the readings is on file]
For next Monday, read the Introduction - pages 9-11

Reading Questions will be due each Monday - at the beginning of class! Make sure your answers are in FULL SENTENCES!

I'm so excited to join you again on our journey into our nation's wonderful, exciting history!